Autonomous Cache Platform

Autonomous Cache Platform

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World’s First Platform to deliver

8X Cache efficiency
5X Lower OpEx
1000X Faster R&D testing

Storage performance, reinvented

Unleash performance potential with Magnition

Autonomous Cache Platform

Unleash the power of performance with fleet-wide optimization using Magnition Autonomous Cache Platform embedded in your storage solutions. 

Get predictive allocation policies for each tier for each workload determined dynamically via real-time models and based on latency SLA, cache efficiency of each workload. 

Magnition Autonomous Cache Platform

Real-Time Autonomous Cache Platform


Dynamically adapts to customer workloads


Tunes automatically without any input


Online real-time optimization for any dynamic workloads

Fleet-Wide Autonomous Optimization

World's first autonomous cache optimization proven at scale

Embedded Real-Time Optimization

How Magnition Autonomous Cache Delivers Better Workload Performance


8X Cache Efficiency

Latency SLAs

Deep Observability

World’s First Real-Time Cache Performance Prediction Software

Benefits to You

Offer Innovative New Features

Higher Consolidation

Accurate Capacity Planning

Handle Tough Mid-frequency Content

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Trusted by the World's Leading Storage Platform Providers

Magnition has not only brought a technology that is breaking performance barriers, but the team behind it got us fully integrated with CacheLab and we are ready to begin the path to towards embedding the Autonomous Cache Platform.
Enterprise Strorage Platforms
We’ve been working on incorporating 3D XPoint in our cache hierarchy for 2 years and we have been unable to figure out how to do it economically until we began using the Magnition platform.
Storage Performance Engineer