Performance Engineering on Autopilot

Engineers can now use Magnition StorageLab patented Miniature Simulation Modeling technology to automatically test complex multi-tier storage hierarichies against our library of real customer workload traces.  
The first and only solution for real-time testing and complete design space exploration.

The Challenge

Your Customers Expect More

Customers demand more efficient and lower cost storage systems incorporating the latest available technologies to solve the problem of poor performance, exploding data sets, and increasingly diverse and complex data workloads which is difficult because of a competitive storage market and low margins. 

New NVM technologies have unusual and asymmetric performance properties which interact non-linearly with different customer workloads. This is made worse by incorporating increasingly complicated technologies (e.g. DRAM, 3D XPoint, NVMe) making it exceedingly difficult to design efficient data placement algorithms.

This leads to your customer’s storage performance being negatively impacted by the need to use less than optimal configurations because of testing limitations.

Introducing Magnition StorageLab

Our team are experts in Machine Learning with deep bench of seasoned performance engineers across the full hardware and software stack.  

We built our platforms using proven technology that does real-time data path and cache optimization using our patented Miniature Simulation Modeling.

What that means to you is thousands of complex scenarios played out in seconds instead of days, drastically decreasing the time spent by your engineers developing optimized storage hierarchies.

Up to 8X Performance Improvement with Magnition Predictive Placement

Magnition Real-Time Modeling

Customer traces
modeled in real-time.

StorageLab identifies optimal configurations using real-time simultaneous Miniature Simulation Modeling.

Testing Without Limits

Developer Pipeline Integration with Magnition STORAGELab

Fully automated design space exploration with Magnition StorageLab developer pipeline integration.

You code. We test. You innovate.


Magnition StorageLab is the world’s first real-time cache prediction platform that accelerates your testing by up to 1000X for enterprise storage platforms.

StorageLab uses patented Miniature Simulation Modeling (MSM) technology to test complex storage architectural configurations in real-time and delivering results in seconds instead of days. 

Designed by experts in Machine Learning and built to integrate with your development workflow.  StorageLab automated testing is triggered on-demand so you can focus on design while Magnition focuses on delivering the best storage performance.

Predictive Allocation Policies

Dynamic placement based on workload profile and SLA

Leverage Customer Trace Data

Use real customer trace data to model performance in real-time

Experiment More

1000X faster simulations using patented MSM technology

Faster Time to Market

Deliver better performance and better value, faster

Storage performance, reinvented

Unlock the power of your lab bench with Magnition

Trusted by Leading Enterprise Storage Platform Providers

See for yourself why the leading enterprise storage platform vendors are leveraging Magnition to drastically reduce the cost and time of R&D today.


Fleet-Wide Optimization in Real-Time

Explore the Magnition Autonomous Cache Platform which embeds the power of Magnition in your storage platforms for real-time optimization for any workloads.